Busy living

You finish watching one of those movies which make you think that starting with the next minute your life is about to change dramatically because you have just decided to do so. You’re determined to change, to become better, to do more and to dream about being one step closer to freedom or happiness by the second. 

1. People don’t have time to read anymore, they buy book readers because the book itself is way too heavy.

2. My borrowed old fashioned non smart but smarter phone is subject of an annoying wake up alarm.

3. My story stopped in Liverpool last May where we met those amazing friends we haven’t seen in years. So if you happen o be there, you jay walk, you buy an umbrella from Primark right after the rain stopped  you have the tour of Liverpool in The duck car and you end up having a full English breakfast the next day, first thing in the morning around 2 p.m. `Me` dear friends from Liverpool, miss you, the lovely tea together and the question: Chippies?! (cc. Sam, Connie, Kate, Diana and Clare).

4. The next stop is Manchester where you faint amazed by the passed time when meeting with a high school friend. Traian is studying law and he’s story makes him one of those great people you will meet after years and will amaze you even more. The history of the Cotton city of Manchester, the overwhelming architecture (and yes, the Houses of the Parliament  parts in The Iron Lady are filmed in the  Manchester Town Hall. That awesome it is!). And had my best blueberry muffins!

5. Your failures say that they make you stronger! They might kill you slowly in your sleep when you subconscious strikes silently like… ninja turtles. Without pizza.

6. In Romania you are the successful daughter of that family, who went to study in a foreign country, so smart and due to a fabulous future. And only the hope of that future sends you chocolates when receiving a package from home. In that foreign country, you, the emeritus student, you are making so many sacrifices that you barely have time for school and you share the same feelings with your flatmates. The trip to school is either `I did not have time to read any of the articles – guilty day` or `I can’t wait to see some of our colleagues and to socialize – happy trip`. Either way, you better enjoy the moments, soon you have to go to work and pay your bills.

7. Danes are not cold. Not all of them. The workplace is nicer when people smile back, when reading e-mails or coming over friends staying in other cities. You might act like a broken phone searching for a plug socket to charge its battery.

8. There are great people out there. I used to know it, now I am sure. Just think that I had my Christmas home because someone offered me a round trip free of charge. Just to make someone happy for Christmas. Thank you might not be enough, but thank you once more!

9. Physicists are amazing with numbers but awful with social behaviour. When they are saying `I am a physicist. Try harder!` that’s what they mean.

10. … I dare you to continue and watch Searching for Sugar Man!

Missed you all!

Photo source: http://thingsweforget.blogspot.com/


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